How it Works

Our drivers are tracked in Real Time

Need a ride?
If you find yourself snowed in, or facing treacherous driving conditions beyond your skill set, don’t be shy…if you’re a registered Nurse or Doctor and need a ride contact us.

Step #1:
Submit a request via our contact page, or send us an email, or join our Facebook group and submit a request there (you need to DM the administrator of the group).

Step #2:
Send a copy of your hospital ID to the administrator. This is to ensure that the program isn’t abused.
(It’s only available to Nurses and Doctors at this time)

Step #3:
The administrator will reply to get the details of your trip. This will include your address, phone number, and your destination (hospital or clinic). We’ll make an arrangement for a return trip if needed.

Step #4:
Your info will be given to the nearest available driver so that he/she can contact you to make arrangements.

Step #5:
Your driver arrives and takes you to you work (or back as the case may be).