Storm Trooper Cruisers

I am proud to announce a new initiative in Southern Ontario to help get Nurses and Doctors get to their hospitals when bad winter storms roll in. Our medical system is stretched to the breaking point already due to so many staff shortages and whenever there is a major snow storm, hospitals see a huge increase in absentees. These staff shortages could at worst cost lives, but will certainly have a negative impact on the quality of care provided to those who need medical help.

The Storm Trooper Cruisers initiative has the singular goal of getting nurses and doctors into work so that they can do what they do best…save lives.

The program is made up of volunteers of 4×4 owners & enthusiasts who donate their time, fuel, expertise, and equipment, to drive essential workers to work. They can get picked up from home and dropped of on the steps of their respective hospitals at no cost. We just can’t promise to get you there on time.

“I was inspired by a similar program in Moncton, New Brunswick and from that the Ontario Storm Trooper Cruisers was formed.”
-Shaun de Jager

If you have a suitable 4×4 and advanced winter driving skills, and you would like to join the team, contact us. If you’re a medical professional in need of a ride to work when the weather turns foul, email us and we’ll try and arrange a ride for you.

Also, let your hospital administration know that this service is available in Southern Ontario. If they ever need to activate their Emergency Operations Centre, they can reach out to us and arrange rides for their staff.

We’re a volunteer group of 4×4 & offroad enthusiasts providing Nurses and Doctors a lift to work when the weather and road conditions become nearly un-drivable. When roads get bad…we’re ready.

Matt with his tricked out Jeep, picking up his passenger during a snow storm.

This service is free. You read that right…FREE! You could call Uber or Lyft and have your wallet or purse emptied with surge pricing, or you can call us. Our drivers volunteer their time, fuel, and expertise to get our most valued medical professionals to their respective hospitals when the roads become nearly undrivable.

We need volunteer drivers with properly equipped Jeeps, Broncos, or other 4×4 vehicles who are willing to donate their time, fuel, and expertise, and of course their offroad prepped vehicles to help get our beloved nurses and doctors to their hospitals so they can do what they do best…save lives.

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/854001088963783/

“Thanks so much for arranging this! Definitely would not have made it in to work without you and Matt!”