Winter Driving and Survival

Sometimes the best way to really know what it’s like to be stranded in your car and know what it takes to survive, is to just go ahead and do it. My friend and Automotive Journalist Lesley Wimbush joined me and we challenged ourselves to surviving 24hrs ‘stranded’ in a vehicle. In hindsight…I wouldn’t recommend people do this just for kicks and giggles…especially if they aren’t damn sure that they are prepared for anything that could happen. My background and training has provided me with survival training in various situations and climates but every situation is slightly different.

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Tire Talk – No Pressure!

Nobody likes being pressured about anything in our lives but when it comes to tires there is a fine balance between too much pressure and not enough. How many of us remember our high school chemistry classes to recall that pressure, volume and temperature are all related (Boyle’s Law)? To keep things simple, I’m going to focus on pressure and temperature.

Ask most drivers if tire pressure is important and most will say ‘yes’. Then ask that same person when they last checked their tire’s pressure and most will respond with ‘umms’ and ‘ahhs’ because they simply can’t remember...

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Tire Talk – Winter Tires

The single most highly engineered part of your vehicle may surprise you…it’s your tires! No seriously…it is. Considering the season, I’m continuing my “Tire Talk” series with Winter Tires. The most common three questions I get asked all the time about winter tires are “How can I tell a Winter Tire from a regular one?”, “Do I really need them?” and “What’s the difference?”

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